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International Masters of Capoeira at the great Encontro at Kehl

4-7 July 2019

The Brazilian artist Mestre Tesourinha, who lives in the Upper Rhine region, brings together the associations MLI Offenburg e.V., Kehler FV (KFV) and MLI Alsace to organise a cross-border meeting in Kehl with the support of the Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau. The focus is on the exchange between lovers of Brazilian culture on both sides of the Rhine. It’s all about music, national sport Capoeira, percussion and dance. Together, the three clubs have designed a programme that has something to offer for every level of passion.

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The documentary Filhos da Capoeira (Capoeira´s Children) portrays the potential of Capoeira to cross boarders, unite people and promote cultural diversity. Please support the project here: